June 2009
Independence Community College (ICC) is regarded for its strong history of academic excellence with a unique flavor that makes this community college a stand out. Nestled in a rural community in Southeast Kansas, ICC has made it their mission to be all about community. Working through the ICC Successful Entrepreneur Program, the College is playing an active role in revitalizing Independence's Historic Downtown. ICC's Workforce Development efforts continue to reach out to area industry in these tough economic times. A move to help job seekers become valued employees brought about a new six-wee...
May 2009
Every year, Project Finance International (PFI), along with other renowned financial publications, surveys ssuccessfully closed deals globally across various sectors. Amongst the closed deals, they select the best transactions that demonstrate attributes like the use of innovative financing techniques and ground-breaking and pathfinding transactions. Project Finance International is a leading source of global project financial intelligence, which reports on the entire life cycles of deals, from initial hearsay to analysis after completion. That ITE College West PPP, a partnership between the S...
April 2009
When Treasure Valley Community College was awarded the competitive Title III Strengthening Institutions Grant from the Department of Education in 2005, the college knew this funding would be the catalyst for change at TVCC. One of the priority areas in the grant was creating a way to identify at-risk students and then provide services to help them be more successful at college. Early on, the Title III team developed and piloted an Early Alert/ Intervention program. This innovative and cost-effective program was featured at two League for Innovation conferences as a model for other colleges. Th...
March 2009
When Chancellor Helen Cox first arrived on the Kaua'i Community College (KCC) campus in August 2008, she had already made it clear that she believed that KCC had an important role to play in moving the island of Kaua'i toward sustainability. In the public forum that was part of her interview, she was told that while much of the country was slowly sliding into the abyss when it came to economics and sustainability, Kaua'i was going over a cliff. She was then asked what she would do to help. In her answer, Cox confessed she didn't have all the answers, but then proceeded to suggest some ideas th...
February 2009
Cerro Coso Community College, located in the upper Mojave Desert, is on the cutting edge of developing an Energy Technician program to support the renewable energy industry. In the new industrial technology certificate and degree programs, students will complete an 18-unit core set of courses to provide for a well-rounded skilled technical worker. Courses in computer literacy, technical communication, blue print reading, basic hand tools, applied technical math, oxyacetylene welding, and industrial safety are in the core of the program. Within the degree program are three initial areas of spec...
January 2009
Posted by Amber Chiang
On October 24, 2008, volunteers gathered at Bakersfield College to test their ability to vaccinate the community in a point-of-dispensing exercise. The college entered into the partnership because if Bakersfield was ever to experience pandemic influenza or another such disaster, it might be necessary to distribute medications to many citizens quickly, and Bakersfield College would be called on to provide the service. Bakersfield College operated the entire event in an incident command system structure, which aligned all services and volunteers under one command structure. Calling on the Nation...
Posted by Eric Melcher
Employment analysts say that manufacturing jobs are at risk because of automation. Robots have become the new employees on the line. A research paper published by the National Bureau of Economic Research (2017) studied the impact of industrial robots in labor markets in the United States. The results show that robots caused up to 670,000 lost manufacturing jobs from 1990 to 2007. A Ball State University study (2017) shows that nearly nine in ten jobs lost since 2000 disappeared due to automation. There is one way to stay ahead of technology: be the person who tells the robots and machines what...


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