Kirkwood Community College: What a Great Place to Land, The Hotel at Kirkwood Center

Member Spotlight

The Hotel lobby

What makes a great business travelers' destination? Location, atmosphere, service, perks? A great hotel needs them all.

Stylish, Euro-chic features greet you as you enter the lobby. The extensive, completely original art collection was created exclusively by Iowa artists, including the striking chandelier featured in the Class Act restaurant, composed by a Kirkwood faculty member. Every detail, floor to ceiling, was hand-chosen to create an amazing atmosphere for guests to enjoy in this Kirkwood Community College teaching and learning facility.

"The Hotel is second to none in this area for ambience and experience," commented Lee Belfield, general manager. "The boutique feel and the relaxing, almost rejuvenating atmosphere lend to a very memorable stay."

But it's the service that truly sets The Hotel apart. "The world's great hotels have a one-to-one guest room to employee ratio," Belfield continued. "The Hotel at Kirkwood Center has 71 rooms and more than 100 employees. That is an indication that every guest experience will exceed expectation."

Because The Hotel at Kirkwood Center is a teaching facility, even more professional staff are required to ensure the service is at the highest level. The vision for The Hotel staff and administration is to help prepare the finest professionals who will someday lead the global hospitality industry. This is a lofty goal that cannot be compromised.

"Every minute of every day, we must demonstrate best practices, because we are teaching the industry's future leaders," Belfield said. "Average isn't good enough. To perform anywhere less would do a great disservice to the world-class facility we've built."

What's in it for the business traveler beyond beauty and service? A lot. Just a few of The Hotel's perks include free shuttle service, free wireless Internet in every room, outstanding food from The Hotel's Class Act restaurant, in-room dining, a full bar, concierge services, an on-site fitness facility, and attention to every detail, so every guest's stay is convenient and comfortable. For students in Kirkwood Community College's hospitality programs, The Hotel provides the opportunity to learn the full range of hotel operations and guest services in a real-world setting.

More information about The Hotel at Kirkwood Center is available from Steve Carpenter, Public Information Director.